Group Tours vs Private Tours

Which type of touring is right for you?

Advanced Heading
You could spend an entire lifetime exploring all the regions of Asia, with many areas that were once out-of-bounds to visitors now open to the world. With easier access, a wide selection of accommodation options and most importantly, more ways to experience your chosen destination, it can be quite daunting to know where to begin!
Having part or all of your holiday organised in advance saves you time and energy whilst away, and allows you to fit so much more into your trip. The first step, however, would be to decide whether you want to take a group tour or a private tour?

Is a group tour right for you?

Is a group tour right for you?

We want you to enjoy your holiday of a lifetime without the worry of arranging travel as you go, so we include everything in our fully inclusive classic group tours allowing you to sit back and relax on tour.
We love to share our knowledge and expertise with travellers like you, but we know that group touring is not for everyone, so we want to give you the option to tailor a holiday to suit you.
Joining a group of fellow travellers adds a social aspect to your holiday, especially if you are travelling by yourself. lifelong friendships are often forged - with many customers meeting up all over the world after their trip together!


Maybe you want to experience every moment alongside your partner or maybe you just like the freedom of travelling solo. A private tour allows you to not only choose all your travel arrangements, but choose your travel companion/s too.
With many years experience, we are attuned with the types of hotels you are looking for and the best locations in each city. all our group tours include 'medium range' accommodation in the tour price, all you need to do is unwind and relax.


On a private tour, the choice of accommodation is yours. We can recommend many different options ranging from homestays and boutique resorts to five star hotels, depending on your budget and preference, the choice is yours.
All your transport is arranged for you on your group tour, so there is no need to be worried about how you will get to the airport or how you will navigate the public transport system. we even include international flights


 We know that sometimes you may want to take the scenic route and travel by train, or you may simply want to use those frequent flyer points that you have been saving up for years. On private tours, you can choose all your transport arrangements.
With so many cuisines and so many restaurants, street stalls, markets, cafes and more to choose from, we want to make meal times as hassle free as possible, therefore on our group tours, all meals are included.


Peking duck, pho, butter chicken, the options are endless and all part of the experience of travelling through Asia. On private tours, you can choose to have all or just some of your meals included. For everything else, you can decide as you go.
At the heart of our group tours are our guides. they ensure you see all the attractions, skip to the front of all the lines, share their stories and local knowledge and guide you through their home countries.


When it comes to guides, it's great to have the best of both worlds. Choose when you think you may need a little helping hand (like on your first day) or when you would like to venture off on your own.